5 Simple Tips To Protect Your Jewelry During Winter

Written by Derick Beem


Posted on December 01 2021

We are currently enjoying the most romantic season of the year – winter. It’s the perfect time to sip on piping hot coffee and see the landscapes turn into a white wonderland. However, this is the time to be extra careful with your valuable things too. Usually people look aftertheir cars and homes, but what about jewelry? This cold weather can be detrimental to your treasured collection.

Here are 5 ultimate tips that will help keep your jewelry safe and in good shape during this season.

  1. Ensure a good fit:

    During winters, your fingers tend to constrict and renderyour rings with a loose fit. This increases the risk of losing the rings or suffering damages if they fall off. The most affordable and simple solution to this dilemma is a ring guard. It is a specially designed piece (plastic or string) that when added to the base of your ring ensures a snug fit. Thus making it easier to flaunt your jewels without any worries.

  2. Watch your winter gear:

    Winter is the time when everyone layers up with sweaters, mufflers, socksand mittens to beat the cold. But these woolen items also easily get caught on the gemstone, jewelry fasteners, ring prongs raised metal ends and more. You run the risk of ruining your favorite sweater or worse, losing or damaging your jewelry. So it’s imperative that you be careful when wearing or removing your winter gear and avoid any mishaps. Alternatively, you can switch to simple bezel-set jewelry pieces to go with your winter-wear collection.

  3. Care for jewelry while travelling:

    If you are planning to travel during holidays and carry your gemstone jewelry, ensure to pack it properly. Store the items in the case or pouch that was provided instead of tossing them loose in your suitcase. Keep the jewelry case in a padded area of your baggage and make sure it stays dry at all times. You can also consider investing in a travel jewelry box, made with protective materials and consisting of multiple compartments for better storage of your precious jewels.

  4. Have no-bling outdoors:

    Who does not love exploring the outdoors during the winter? However, all your fun will be ruined the minute you realize that you have lost your loved sparkler. When skiing, snowboarding or indulging in other outdoor activities consider removing your jewelry beforehand. As these physical activities put your jewelry at higher risk of chipping, breaking or any accidental loss, we recommend to keep your prized embellishments away.

  5. Clean it up:

    Lastly, cleaning your precious jewels is extremely important. Overtime dust, dirt and grime gets built up in your ornaments making them look dull and less beautiful. So the rule of thumb is to clean them regularlyeither with warm water and soap or take them to the jewelers. Later, keep them in separate fabric-lined pouches and store them in a safe and dry place.

Armed with these foolproof tips you are good to go and wear your valuable jewels all the time. They will definitely retain their shine in this rough weather and sparkle throughout.



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