I am proud of being a jewelry designer for all these years.
The story started with my mother. My mother is a jewelry designer, and I have been influenced by her since childhood. In my eyes, jewelry carries beauty and also emotion. I studied fine art from her and specialized in jewelry design. My father is also a woodcraft artist. I learned early that designing is art from both my parents.
With my love of jewelry, I studied and worked under some great artists as far away as Hong Kong, and as close as New York and Tuscaloosa. In 2017, I decided to set up my own jewelry studio in Alabama. I treasure my pieces starting from a sketch on paper all the way to a future owner's collection.
By using fine metals, best quality gemstones, and diamonds, I excel in my job and aim to make each one of my pieces be worn by generations. I am so delighted that my rings have witnessed so many happy moments, from a romantic proposal to a 50 years anniversary of marriage.  
I will keep doing my beloved jewelry designing and looking for more endorsements. And this is my story.