Truth about Salt and Pepper Diamonds

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Posted on January 07 2020

Salt and Pepper Diamonds Are The Future?

There are diamonds that have the usual attribute, and there are those with great peculiarity. Are you in search of diamonds that possess the most unique look and gorgeous designs?Do you need diamonds that depicts the true luxury and class these treasures hold?

Salt and Pepper diamonds holds the definition of Out of the ordinary diamonds with class and luxury.

Today, it’s a different story. Salt and Pepper diamonds is a trend for those seeking to stand out from the crowd with their diamond jewelry and accessories. Talk of engagement rings Embedded with salt and pepper diamonds are the most popular.

What is salt and pepper diamond?

Most diamonds have flaws, imperfections or inclusions. These inclusions vary in color, shape and sizes. Inclusions are mere blemishes which may be carbon spots, cracks, feathers, clouds or even chips.

Salt & Pepper diamonds usually contain a mix of black and white inclusions also known as flaws. The term salt refers to white inclusions and Pepper for black inclusions, making up the name Salt and Pepper.

What differentiates a Salt and Pepper Diamond from a Traditional Diamond?

Next to standard diamond types, Salt & Pepper are best seen as the “wild” variant of diamonds. They usually contain flaws and are normally less pure than traditional diamonds ,so they are much less expensive .

Though they are not quite the “glory” of diamonds, Salt and Pepper diamonds are unique and stands out when placed next to a more common Diamond.

They come in an elegant mix of black and white spots and have a silky gray color. What makes Salt and Pepper diamonds so peculiar is that no two pieces are exactly alike.

More so, Those diamonds are rough cut and come out ‘raw’. The popularity of a salt and pepper gem is because of its uniqueness. Putting on a Slat and Pepper diamond places you on a different level from the crowd. It’s different and unique, yet it’s elegant.

How are these gems mined and produced?

During the mining process, a large amount of soil and rock is extracted from the ground, hoping to find small diamond debris. The natural resources are sent to an ore processing facility where rough diamonds are extracted.

It could take a few hundred tons to produce a carat of gem quality rough diamonds. The extraction process depends on how rich the ore is.

Is there an extra characteristic to this gem?

Well yes! Salt and Pepper diamonds are Environment friendly. The process of mining cause no disturbance to the environment and have a cost-effective mining process.

They are also affordable when compared to the prices of standard diamonds, which means you can get the benefits that come with a diamond for less.

Salt & Pepper Gems Key Features :

  1. Wild &Raw
  2. Wicked & Weird
  3. Mysterious
  4. Simplistic yet sophisticated
  5. Versatile
  6. Speckled
  7. Smokey
  8. Silky
  9. Environment friendly
  10. Inexpensive



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