Vintage Moissanite Engagement ring set,Pear shaped ring rose gold, Opal, Marquise cut, sapphire wedding band,

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Vintage Moissanite Engagement ring set, Pear shaped ring rose gold, Opal, Marquise cut, sapphire wedding band, Promise ring, gift for her

Moissanite boasting more fire, brilliance and luster than any gemstone on earth. 

-The higher the refractive index of a gemstone, the more brilliance the jewel emits. Moissanite is known for its high refractive index of 2.65, which is notably higher than diamond, sapphire, CZ and other gemstones are known to be very brilliant.

-Moissanite's fire, the flashes of colored light, being more than twice that of a diamond. 

-Moissanite has 18% greater luster than a diamond.

≫≫ Item Details
❀❀❀ Made to Order, All Handmade in the United States.
❀❀❀ 100% Natural & Conflict Diamond
❀❀❀ Metal: Solid 14K & 18K Gold, Platinum, Palladium
❀❀❀ Gold Color: White gold, Rose gold, Yellow gold, Platinum

❀❀❀ Size:6*8mm 
❀❀❀ Pear-shaped

Natural sapphire
❀❀❀ Carat:0.05ct
❀❀❀Marquise Cut

❀❀❀ Carat:0.16ct

❀❀❀ Total Weight:about 1.76g+1.28g

Ring Size:
We can make the ring in any ring size, if the ring size is not on the list, contact us, we'll custom make it for you!

Thanks for stopping by! Wish you can find the “witness” of your love and say “Hello!”

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